The PECM process delivers results that are difficult – if not impossible – to attain when using other machining methods.

Highlights of this process include:

Highest precision results. PECM provides the highest level of precision (+/- 5µm) for machining drilled holes or shaped surfaces.

Specialized application capabilities. Suitable for finishing components that are difficult to machine using other methods.

Streamlined production process. Shape, drill, and finish in a single pass with excellent surface finish results (Ra up to 0.03 µm). Since almost no post-processing of the workpiece is require, production time is reduced.

Enhanced component longevity. PECM does not create mechanical or thermal stress loads in the part. This means a longer life for end products.

Repeat accuracy. Achieves superior process control, stability and repeatability.

Increased productivity. PECM is a highly productive process. The process time is fast as compared to conventional methods and multiple parts per cycle can be machined resulting in a lower unit cost of production.

Economical. Drastically reduces production costs due to little or no tool wear.

Ease of Use. PECM machines are easy to automate and are easy to implement into a production line.