Extrude Hone Benefits

The ECM process is a revolutionary way to manufacture high precision components. Instead of cutting metal using hardened tooling, material is removed more efficiently by an electrochemical process.

Advantages of this process include:

Design accuracy.
Workpiece material is removed only at precisely defined locations.

Enhanced component longevity
. There are no mechanical loads or thermal loads on the workpiece.

Process efficiency. Both workpiece roughing and finishing can be completed in a single pass.

Deburring precision. ECM is an ideal deburring process for parts where burrs are difficult to reach or machine using conventional methods, and it eliminates the challenge of secondary burr formation.

Increased productivity. ECM is a highly productive process. The process time is fast as compared to conventional methods and multiple parts per cycle can be machined resulting in a lower unit cost of production.

Quality and repeatability. The ECM process is highly stable with very good process control which ensures accuracy, quality, consistency and the highest repeatability.