INNOVATIVE solutions to improve tool life & reduce operating costs.

Increasing competitive pressures, increasing requirements on process quality & stability, as well as increasing requirements on mechanical properties of the finished part constantly generate new challenges. This, combined with an increasing focus on cost reduction in established manufacturing lines, centralize at one point; THE TOOLING.

To address your challenges, Extrude Hone offers a broad range of services to support you best. Whether it’s spare parts for your fixtures, various kinds of cathodes & anodes, refurbishment of used fixtures, or consulting services for optimizing your established ECM processes we always challenge ourselves to provide YOU with an optimal solution.

One of these solutions is our brand-new Hybrid Anode. This special anode combines the technical advantages of highly conductive materials with materials that are highly resistant to the damaging impact of the saline environment.
Various customer applications have already proven the enormous positive effect on the lifetime tooling cost by using this brand-new anode design.


  • Save money by increasing the tool life of your ECM tooling
  • Reduction of cost per part and operating cost
  • Safety stock reduction
  • Process optimization
  • Higher process capability
  • Improvement of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

ECLINE-Extrude HoneWith more than 30 years of experience in Electrochemical Machining, we define the right solution to meet your application needs. Being a global player, Extrude Hone is uniquely positioned to offer capital equipment, after-market support and subcontracting services to customers all over the world. With our global presence, we help by meeting your quick delivery expectations.

Extrude Hone also offers the technologies of AFM, MICROFLOW, ECM, ECM Dynamic, PECM, and COOLPULSE. Contact us at for further information.