How Ventura Precision Components Leverage ECM in Next Generation Brake Piston Production

Headquartered in Les Franqueses del Vallèsin Spain and with facilities in Houston, USA and Suzhou, China, Ventura Precision Components is an expert in the supply of high-precision turned components for the automotive sector and for other market segments such as trucks, motorbikes and aeronautics.



With more than 45 years’ experience, Ventura supplies components to leading Tier 1s such as Robert Bosch, Continental and TRW and prides itself in its ability to offer the highest quality components at competitive prices. Ventura’s primary product line is pistons for brake systems and, in this market, they are worldwide leaders in the production of new generation pistons.

Ventura’s success lies in no small part in its use of state-of-the-art equipment and production processes. One of these processes is electrochemical machining (ECM) and Extrude Hone is proud to support Ventura in delivering superior quality components to the end customers.

Electrochemical machining works on the principle of anodic metal dissolution and provides a high degree of precision on components that are difficult to manufacture and finish using conventional methods. Because ECM is a non-contact process, it does not subject the workpiece to mechanical or thermal stresses. This means no burrs/secondary burrs and no distortion of the workpiece, even on thin-walled aluminum components. ECM is very well suited for Ventura’s high-volume production and offers great accuracy and a high degree of repeatability.

Ventura use ECM to deburr and radius cross-hole intersections on piston plungers (depicted in the image). It is critical that this area is free of burrs. A burr detaching from these cross holes could contaminate the brake’s hydraulic system causing the system to seize or damage seals allowing hydraulic oil to leak and/or air to enter the system rendering the system ineffective.

Extrude Hone offers the full range of services in ECM technology from application feasibility through subcontract processing, to supply of capital equipment and aftersales support. For more information on Extrude Hone’s offering:

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