We all know how 3D printed components are critical for the future of aviation, making components lighter and more compact is usually the challenge that the industry try to overcome.

By adopting the use of additive manufacturing and the opportunity to now incorporate complex organic design there are now new challenges, especially when it Dassault Aviation Manifoldcomes to finishing.

Extrude Hone is a leader in the finishing of high value aerospace components. In addition to well known and qualified process like AFM (Abrasive Flow Machining) and ECM (Electrochemical Machining) Extrude Hone has developed a focus on Additive with a dedicated business unit (Extrude Hone Additive). The additive unit has dedicated finishing processes like COOLPULSE and the TEM technology that is being utilized for structure removal. Extrude Hone proudly contributes to the finishing of aerospace fuel tips nozzles and vane segments as well as aluminum manifolds including the ones from Dassault Aviation.

We have been working with Dassault for many years and are excited to have been invited to join the AEROPRINT program in its early stages.

A few words about the program. There is 25m Euro on hand, endorsed and sponsored by the French Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, including some FEDER funding but Dassault Logois predominantly funded and led by Dassault Aviation.

The aim is to be able to establish a true industrial workflow, followed by a pilot production line to design, build and finish 3D printed components manufactured from Titanium and Aluminum. These components will then eventually take flight.

This collaborative project that will include all key partners in the manufacturing chain, has the aim of delivering a qualified process and certified components at the end.

Thanks to Dassault Aviation, for bringing us on board.