Who would put at risk employee safety, a complete building construction or a well-planned roadworks, because of small particles and burrs left behind in a fluid power component – triggering malfunction or breakdown of key equipment? In short: no one!

Extrude Hone Thermal Deburring (TEM) machines remove burrs present in hydraulic components, in seconds, making fluid power reliable.

Burrs, an undesirable outcome of machining processes. It is a common cause of concern to the manufacturing fraternity. Though conscious efforts are made in every step-in design, process planning and manufacturing, it is quite a challenge to ensure that finished parts are completely free from burrs, consistently.

Burrs, if present in the component, ruin the design integrity of the part, require additional processes to fix it. Burrs cause safety hazards and result in malfunction of the product. All these side effects represent unnecessary cost to the industry in various forms such as additional manufacturing, warranty, service, recall and collateral damage on the company image. Therefore, in most cases, it is a must either to remove or to secure the burr in order to prevent it from being detached from the part.

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