How we solve the challenge of a fast machine delivery request.

Knowing that it’s difficult to have all types of machines ready, and waiting on the shelf, here at Extrude Hone we value improving response times to customer requests through optimizing our internal processes.

However, this is often not enough on its own and can require help from the customer to understand what is completely necessary and what would be nice.

Going through this communication process with the customer allowed us to find a compromise that would permit us to deliver the most suitable product, faster, while still matching the key needs of the application.

As an example, we recently served a customer in Czech Republic. Within 8 weeks, between initial contact and payment, we successfully managed a satisfactory run off. This was completed with only 2 meetings, to adjust the specification and quotation only once.

In addition to the great willingness of the customer to speed up things, the talent from Extrude Hone’s Application Engineer and the Project Leader made all the difference.