You can’t afford to miss what Extrude Hone has to show you on Booth A92, Hall 7!


Meet our experts and get insides to the possibilities our technologies offer to your process.

Bringing ECM technology in house normally entails either investment in a costly, fully-customized machine, or a cheaper, off-the-shelf solution that doesn’t fully match your needs and comes with capabilities you don’t require.NOT ANY MORE! With our new, modular ECM machine concept (ECO+) we give you the ability to choose the machine you need, still allowing you a certain level of customization by offering pre-defined upgrade packages. Want to upgrade your machine after a couple of years of production? No problem!Just upgrade by choosing one of the additional packages.


Maximum 500 A generator power @ 60V from our latest state-of-the-art standard generator technology. Capacity for 750 l of electrolyte, cooling & heating, high-performance filtration system and lots more.

Ensure the process stability you are used to from a highly sophisticated, customized ECM machine! QUICK WIN FOR YOU!

Or maybe you are looking for a low-cost solution for low production volume? Then just go for the basic version which offers all basic functions you require to do simplest ECM applications, nothing else!


When at the booth we can talk about the complete Extrude Hone solution portfolio covering the 3 main technologies ECM, AFM, and TEM (Thermal deburring).