Recently Extrude Hone had the pleasure of hosting Performance Diesel Inc. (PDI) at our Irwin facility, located just outside of Pittsburgh, PA.

As an industry leader in diesel aftermarket components, PDI uses Extrude Hone’s Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) process to enhance the precision, and maximize the performance and longevity of their exhaust manifolds; even under the most extreme of conditions.

The AFM process uses pressure to force an abrasive media (a putty like material) throughout the ports and runners of the exhaust manifold. As this media travels through the manifold it removes any surface roughness that may have been left during the casting process. The result being a greatly improved and smooth interior surface.

By improving the interior surface of the manifold, wall drag is reduced and airflow is increased. With stock and unprocessed manifoldsby AFM, surface roughness is left within the manifolds and increases wall drag, reducing airflow, and therefore increases heat and friction.  This increased heat and friction can warp or even crack the exhaust manifold and reduce performance as it also restricts airflow.

Since wall drag is reduced on PDI’s Exhaust Manifold, via the AFM process, airflow increases, removing residual heat and increasing life by helping to prevent any warping – while also increasing the performance of your engine. Not only this, but PDI’s partnership with Extrude Hone enables PDI to offer an industry leading 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on their manifolds.

To learn more about PDI’s visit and the AFM process, check out the video below!


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