Extrude Hone will exhibit at the Deburring Expo 2019 with a main booth Hall 1 booth 211 – 311 and a presence within the “Theme Park AM Parts Finishing” Hall 1 booth 318 – 421.

Extrude Hone thrives for Innovation and Customer Satisfaction.

Extrude Hone is well known as leading supplier for surface finishing technologies. On this year`s Deburring Expo 2019 Extrude Hone will display the new ECM (Electro Chemical Machining) machine ECO+ to the broad group of visitors.

With our new, modular ECM machine concept ECO+ we give you the ability to choose an off the shelf machine, still allowing you a certain level of customization by offering pre-defined upgrade packages. The concept is based on a basic machine with four different extension packages different operator safety and filtration options. Besides our new machine series, we offer innovative solutions for quick fixture changeovers, digitalization, cathodes, and Dynamic ECM.

Extrude Hone’s Thermal Energy Method of deburring ensures 100% removal of problem burrs and microparticles in hard-to-reach areas like intersecting holes, internal passages, threads, and more. Our new T-Series machines utilize multiple chamber configurations to deburr virtually any metallic material in a matter of seconds.

Our AFM process is ideal for producing consistent, high-quality finishes, especially for complex internal shapes and targeted surface challenges. The brand-new oil-less media from Extrude Hone provides high-level, material cutting and quality surface finish results, while achieving new levels of cleanliness for our applications from start to finish. The new media can be specially formulated to the precise specifications needed for solutions from delicate surface finishing or aggressive material removal. From design to utilization – we can fine tune the recipe to match your requirements.

In our continuous effort to anticipate market needs, we also developed specific solutions for the additive manufacturing industry. Post-processing is a main challenge of metal-AM and our solutions are helping the industry to move forward and accelerating adoption.

AFM proved to be a perfect fit for improving internal surfaces such as conformal cooling channels, complex manifold structures or flow-ducts typical of AM, and thanks to our specifically engineered AM-media the efficiency of the process has been improved by large.

We did also develop a new approach to ECM; this new technology is able to deliver top-notch surface quality while accommodating the increase in production volume currently ongoing. Named COOLPULSE after the physics of the process, it uses an eco-friendly, pH-neutral electrolyte which carries no hidden-cost for waste management.

Leveraging the ingenuity of our engineering commitments, TEM has also been modified for AM and it’s delivering an automated, ultra-fast and reliable solution to fully remove metal support structures from your AM built – reaching those areas such as internal channels you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.

Our scope of services does also include everything around aftermarket and sub-contracting services.