Rollon Hydraulics uses Thermal Deburring. Rollon Hydraulic has been associated with Extrude Hone India since several years for Thermal (TEM) deburring of some of their critical hydraulics spools.

We are happy with the current experience as manual deburring is completely avoided for some of the critical parts. This process has eliminated laborious manual deburring and burr removal accuracy is 100%. Our association with extrude hone has been productive and has delighted us with the technology on offer.


Rollon Hydraulics, based in Peenya Industrial Area in Bangalore, India, offers a one-stop shop for the manufacture, assembly and supply of high precision turned parts, spools, and other machined components with critical engineering applications since 2005.

With a history of working alongside some of the world’s most respected hydraulic manufacturers, Rollon Hydraulics has been built on a bedrock of engineering excellence, crafted through an unstinted dedication to quality, delivery, value, and a constant desire to do more than just deliver on a customers’ mandate.

At Rollon Hydraulics you will interact with a strong team led by Sanjeev Shah, Managing Director.

Rollon Hydraulics operates a world class, 35,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in the industrial cluster of Peenya, in Bangalore, India.

The company has invested in state-of-the-art machinery and tools, which give us the ability to manufacture components of tight tolerances and meet the stringent standards of quality required to compete in a global marketplace. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Rollon Hydraulics has the ability to meet flexible production demands, by accessing extended supplier facilities that are thoroughly vetted to conform to our high standards.


The company Rollon Hydraulics works with well-known clients, Husco International, Walvoil Fluid Power, Eaton Fluid Power, Parker Hannifin, Danfoss, Ognibene. One of them, Danfoss, has provided an interesting testimonial regarding the use of TEM within a fully automated robotic integration in combination with washer by Extrude Hone. To be re-published on our Blog soon.

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