Extrude Hone process critical consumable components, the ion-block, for a world-leading Mass Spectroscopy machines. Manufacturer used in the race to develop a COVID-19 Vaccine.
Extrude Hone prioritizing and maximizing output for the manufacturer during this critical time; working closely on upcoming production schedules.” We also protect our employees during this time with a split 2 shift non overlapping work pattern – revised canteen layout, separating employees and all the usual strict 2m separation, hand washing and quarantine guidance.
In the photo above, you see a mass spectrometer. Improving the surface finish of the ion-block that are in direct contact of the ions improves and smooths out flow, gives more direction and can improve the accuracy of the results. Last batch of ion-block was processed and out the door in 4 hours to the manufacturer that needed them. Actions like this are keeping our labs capable to make analysis with superior results which is critical in the fight against COVID-19

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