July 31 to August 4, MIT will be hosting an Additive Manufacturing course to cover the manufacturing and processing of 3D printed parts and has asked Extrude Hone to showcase parts processed with our AFM and COOLPULSE technologies!

Among the other technologies that MIT will present, AFM and COOLPULSE have retained their attention. We have submitted to MIT sample parts giving them the opportunity to use their high-resolution camera to better highlight the results of these technologies.

Per MIT “The implications of additive manufacturing (AM) span the complete product life-cycle, from concept-stage design to service part fulfillment.”. This could not be more true, as Extrude Hone we are convinced that our finishing processes are among the enablers to get a functional part.

With the recent developments of additive manufacturing we have qualified existing processes like AFM and MICROFLOW for external surfaces, and especially intricate inner passages.


We have also launched a new COOLPULSE™ technology, based on electrochemical machining, which provides extremely fast surface improvements.


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