New environmental regulations to decrease fuel consumption and emissions are putting more and more pressure on manufacturers of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. While some waste their time fighting the new regulations, EXTRUDE HONE stands ready to help forward-thinking manufacturers meet the new requirements for marine, truck, and off-highway vehicles.

EXTRUDE HONE’s all-new MICROFLOW HIGHFLOW finishing process consists of a process station and flushing station that can meet or exceed governments’ and customers’ stringent demands for the calibration within injection nozzles. In “New MICROFLOW HIGHFLOW,” we outlined the capabilities of the HIGHFLOW solution, but we don’t think you should just take our word for it.

OMC2 logoOMC2, an EXTRUDE HONE client, is the perfect type of manufacturer to illustrate what HIGHFLOW can do. “We manufacture diesel injection components for marine, stationary, and railway engines,” an OMC2 representative said, “and our production is mainly focused on three items: nozzles, pump elements, and delivery valves, which surely can be considered the heart of a diesel engine.”

OMC2 looked for a solution that could give them the control and high tolerances they needed without escalating their production costs beyond affordability. They chose HIGHFLOW from EXTRUDE HONE “to act on the flow lift of our nozzles. This technology will allow us to increase their flow rate, granting a fine turning of the spray hole geometry and surface and improving … their spray pattern.”80131Polverizz

The result has been improvements for both their product and production line. OMC2 notes that “within the scope of our application, the EXTRUDE HONE HIGHFLOW and the exclusive MICROFLOW media provide us with better results than those achievable by using alternative solutions, such as the hydro grinding, and we are sure to produce state-of-the-art components which match perfectly to the requirements and expectations of our customers in terms of reliability and endurance.”

Featured-Image-HighflowEXTRUDE HONE’s machinery equipment for automotive fuel injection systems, as well as for heavy-duty applications with larger dimensions and flow rates, cover the needs and expectations of multiple market segments. HIGHFLOW processing of fuel injection nozzles is the solution for shaping the geometry, flow-tuning, and increasing surface quality inside the spray hole, giving manufacturers precise control of atomization performance. The result is a better-performing engine from a product you can be proud to put your name on.